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For as it was not possible that the man who had once for all been conquered, and who had been destroyed through disobedience, could reform himself, and obtain the prize of victory; and as it was also impossible that he could attain to salvation who had fallen under the power of sin,-the Son effected both these things, being the Word of God, descending from the Father, becoming incarnate, stooping low, even to death, and consummating the arranged plan of our salvation, upon whom [Paul], exhorting us unhesitatingly to believe, again says, "Who shall ascend into heaven? that is, to bring down Christ; or who shall descend into the deep? that is, to liberate Christ again from the dead." Then he continues, "If thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved." And he renders the reason why the Son of God did these things, saying, "For to this end Christ both lived, and died, and revived, that He might rule over the living and the dead." And again, writing to the Corinthians, he declares, "But we preach Christ Jesus crucified; "and adds, "The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? " - St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book III, Chapter XVIII, Section 2.

The Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mary and John and the women at the foot of the Cross

Matthew 27:45 Now from the sixth hour, there was darkness over all the earth, until the ninth hour.

Origen tell us this darkness was only in Palestine, and the neighbouring countries: for as to the words, over the whole earth, or over the whole land, we find one kingdom or empire, by a common way of speaking, called the whole earth, or the whole world. As to the cause of the obscuration of the sun; and secondly, as to the extent of its darkness. Origen tells us that the darkness was partial, and confined to Judea and the neighbouring countries, as the darkness of Egypt was only perceived in that country, and not in Gessen, where the children of Israel were. Saint Jerome tells us that the obscurity was caused by the rays of the sun being suddenly withdrawn by divine power, as was the case in Egypt. The darkness in Egypt during the Passover of Moses was due to God's protection withdrawn from that land at that time. The darkness when Christ was Crucified for us is the judgement of God upon His Son Jesus Christ, in our place. For Jesus Christ knew NO sin. He never sinned, nor could He ever.

The meaning of the Pasch of Christians.

The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 17, describes the devils and demons thrown back upon the Egyptians when the Israelites under Moses were brought out of Egypt by God for God’s purposes (to prepare a place for the Crucifixion of Our Lord for the Redemption of the whole world of those who are saved). In the same way the same false gods and goddesses that the Egyptians served and which in so doing were the reason the Egyptians sacrificed their sons and daughters to the devils and demons behind the false gods/goddesses were the spirits that killed the Egyptian children that perished when the Israelites were brought out of Egypt. God does not murder children, period. The angel of death which destroyed in Egypt was one of the fallen spirits. God did not cause any of the fallen spirits to hurt anyone. God allowed the fallen spirits to do what it is their nature do to when He brought the Israelites out of the gates of hell which was Egypt. The children below the age of reason that died went to be with God for eternity, they will be resurrected with the just at the Second Coming of Christ. This principle of God allowing the innocent to be afflicted along with guilty finds its ultimate fulfillment in Christ’s singular and only salvific Kenosis. Jesus Christ committed no sin, not ever nor could He, and was and is and only could be utterly and absolutely and completely innocent of any and all wrongdoing and sin by His very nature as the Holy and True God. The guiltless sacrificed by His own will for the guilty. Even when the innocent are afflicted by the actions and evils instigated by the fallen spirits in the world, the innocent are not possessed by those fallen spirits. The principle of all being afflicted by the evil set loose upon the world for its unrepentant sin will occur when the universal plagues are let loose upon the world. See Apocalypse 16

The principle of our always, for our part, protecting children is given us by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 18

1 At *that hour the disciples came to Jesus, saying: Who, thinkest thou, is the greater in the kingdom of heaven?

2 *And Jesus calling unto him a little child, set him in the midst of them,

3 And said: Amen I say unto you, *unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven.

5 And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.

10 Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, *that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.

The principle of our ONLY worshipping the True God, the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is given first in the historical truth of the Garden of Eden when Christ, who is the Tree of Life commands the first man and his wife, Adam and Eve to not have anything to do with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is Satan, the first fallen angel, nor with any of the fallen angels with Satan. Assisi of Babylon/Vatican/Rome is absolute and complete violation of that principle and is the Great Apostasy in full blown Satanic evil. Have nothing to do with the Vatican or suffer its eternal damnation in hell with it. The devil and demon worshipping pagans and the perfidious deicidal Jews are not ever any part of the Salvific action of Christ upon Golgotha/Calvary. Individual pagans and Jews if they repent of their not confessing Jesus Christ as the Immortal Son of God become flesh for our sake and sacrificed for our salvation and who confess publicly their sin of devil and demon worshipping and perfidy and deicide and who beg the Lord of all, the Lord God, the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for forgiveness of their horrid and abominable sins, can and will be forgiven if they do so now in this life and will enter into the only path of salvation there is as dictated by God Himself. The Church, all the faithful – there is no other meaning acceptable to God for the word Church, is commanded by God to not have anything to do with the Apostasy.

Book of Wisdom, Chapter 17

1 For thy judgments, O Lord, are great, and thy words cannot be expressed: therefore undisciplined souls have erred.

2 For while the wicked thought to be able to have dominion over the holy nation, they themselves being fettered with the bonds of darkness, and a long night, shut up in their houses, lay there exiled from the eternal providence.

3 And while they thought to lie hid in their obscure sins, they were scattered under a dark veil of forgetfulness, being horribly afraid and troubled with exceeding great astonishment.

4 For neither did the den that held them, keep them from fear: for noises coming down troubled them, and sad visions appearing to them, affrighted them.

5 And no power of fire could give them light, neither could the bright flames of the stars enlighten that horrible night.

6 But there appeared to them a sudden fire, very dreadful: and being struck with the fear of that face, which was not seen, they thought the things which they saw to be worse:

7 And the delusions of their magic art were put down, and their boasting of wisdom was reproachfully rebuked.

8 For they who promised to drive away fears and troubles from a sick soul, were sick themselves of a fear worthy to be laughed at.

9 For though no terrible thing disturbed them: yet being scared with the passing by of beasts, and hissing of serpents, they died for fear: and denying that they saw the air, which could by no means be avoided.

10 For whereas wickedness is fearful, it beareth witness of its condemnation: for a troubled conscience always forecasteth grievous things.

11 For fear is nothing else but a yielding up of the succours from thought.

12 And while there is less expectation from within, the greater doth it count the ignorance of that cause which bringeth the torment.

13 But they that during that night, in which nothing could be done, and which came upon them from the lowest and deepest hell, slept the same sleep.

14 Were sometimes molested with the fear of monsters, sometimes fainted away, their soul failing them: for a sudden and unlooked for fear was come upon them.

15 Moreover if any of them had fallen down, he was kept shut up in prison without irons.

16 For if any one were a husbandman, or a shepherd, or a labourer in the field, and was suddenly overtaken, he endured a necessity from which he could not fly.

17 For they were all bound together with one chain of darkness. Whether it were a whistling wind, or the melodious voice of birds, among the spreading branches of trees, or a fall of water running down with violence,

18 Or the mighty noise of stones tumbling down, or the running that could not be seen of beasts playing together, or the roaring voice of wild beasts, or a rebounding echo from the highest mountains: these things made them to swoon for fear.

19 For the whole world was enlightened with a clear light, and none were hindered in their labours.

20 But over them only was spread a heavy night, an image of that darkness which was to come upon them. But they were to themselves more grievous than the darkness.

The Catholic Creed: The Final Trial: Traditional Catholic Prayers: Baptism

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Proposal for Unity Elections in Palestine

A Proposal for Unity Elections in Palestine

Proposal for Unity Elections in the West Bank, Gaza and among the Palestinian Refugees/Diaspora, voting on the same day

I received an interesting paper from Mr. Hugo van Randwyck about unity elections in Palestine, for all Palestinians to vote on the same day. In this paper, Mr. Randwyck presents a vision of a unified Palestinian election taking place in one day, and with the participation of all Palestinians, including the Palestinians living in the Diaspora, who could obtain voter registration cards with their ancestral towns mentioned in them, just as many nations allow their citizens abroad to participate in elections, and in this way vote for representatives for their ancestral electoral districts, like Haifa, Acre, Jaffa, and others, so that the world and also Palestinians themselves can see the more clearly the presence of the refugees.

[click on pictures to see full]

Mr. Hugo van Randwyck is a business consultant, most recently having worked in Australia. He visited Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt during holidays. He said that after this visit he began to see something different in Palestine that what he usually read in the media, meaning the western media. In 2006 he visited the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, and asked the people to tell him their stories with their own words, without media filtering or censorship. Mr. van Randwyck soon started developing the voting idea as another way to reach the people in the West.

The Paper and Proposal of Mr. van Randwyck Follows Below.

How about Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and including the Palestinian refugees/Diaspora – all voting on the same day. Unity Elections. The refugees and Diaspora could also have their ancestral towns on the their voter registration cards. The refugees and Diaspora could also vote for representatives for their ancestral electoral districts – who could speak also for them in negotiations.

This initiative is also looking at the expulsion of people in 1948 and 1967, as also an expulsion of ‘voters’. Voters, who have, so far been unable to return and vote.

The concept of refugees voting and returning to their country is already proven – with Afghan refugees, where refugees 850,000 voted, as so far 5 million refugees have returned. The process is called ‘Out of Country Voting’, or OCV.

The first Palestinian election in 1996 were organized in 10 weeks, for 1 million voters.

The Palestine Central Elections Commission have all the skills, and are internationally recognized for their skills in organizing and running free and fair elections.

There are many benefits to the Palestinians and also to supporters of peace in the Holy Land around the world. It gives Palestinian refugees worldwide exposure, with numbers, facts and figures, also with newly elected representatives who can visit overseas Parliaments. It makes it easier for people in the West to organize pro-democracy rallies, and ask politicians at election time, if they support Palestinian refugee votes and
representatives – all politicians in the West need to face their electorates.

Palestinians will be stronger, with empowered refugees/diaspora, who can express their ‘voting voice’. The next ‘unity election’ could be held a year later, so that a full census can be done, and also so new politicians can show quicker results, and help avoid dis-unity, since voters would likely prefer unity. The Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, could feel that the world is hearing them and world politicians have another look at their policies to the Holy Land.

Actions to help this process, can be by Palestinians themselves: sending emails to online newspapers in English and Arabic, adding comments to the ‘comments’ section of online news websites, contacting Palestinian politicians and parties, sending leaflets, refugees camps could look at where they would organize voter registration.

Unity elections, is a positive initiative that would help Palestinians and supporters of peace in the Holy Land.

Okay, you may need to simplify the statement to suit what you are doing. Yes, there are politicians who may feel uncertain how this could benefit them. So journalists can ask questions like:

  • Q. Have you set a date for starting voter registration of refugees and Diaspora?
  • Q. Do you have a date for a decision on when voter registration will start?
  • Q. If Israelis with American passports can vote in American elections, why not Palestinian refugees/Diaspora in Palestinian elections?

Also refugees and Diaspora could – if they wanted – organize the process themselves. I have talked to an election materials company, and it seems pretty straight forward.

A copy of Mr. van Randwyck’s paper as PDF is here.

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Abortions, Cancer, Diseases and ... in Gaza

Abortions, Cancer, Diseases and ... in Gaza

Al – Dameer Human Rights Organization issued a Position Paper on Health and Environmental Problems in the Gaza Strip that Lead to an Increase in the Number of Babies Born with Birth Defects, Abortion, and Cancer Diseases.

On Sunday, 20 December 2009, Al Dameer Association for Human Rights published a position paper on “Health and Environmental Problems in the Gaza Strip that Lead to an Increase in the Number of Babies Born with Birth Defects, Abortion, and Cancer Diseases Due to the IOF Use to Radioactive and Toxic Materials during its Latest Offensive on the Strip”.

[click on picture to see full]

The position paper presents the impact of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) use to of internationally prohibited weapons against the civilians of Gaza. As a result, the number of children born with birth defects, abortion, and cancer diseases has increased dramatically since the Israeli operation “Cast Lead” on the Gaza Strip. The disastrous consequences of the three-week conflict continue to affect the lives of the people of Gaza. The illegal use of the chemical weapons in the densely-populated areas would cause a long-lasting tragedy and plague the future generation.

The position paper assured that Israel is responsible for an environmental and health disaster in the Gaza Strip. The paper warns about the spike in the number of birth defects in babies born in Gaza following the Israeli offensive on the Strip. Such cases are caused by Israel’s use of illegal munitions against the civilians in the Gaza Strip. That was in addition to the pollution of the environment and its entire components as water, air, and soil, which violates the citizens’ rights to live in a clean and healthy environment.

The paper shows an increase in the number of babies born with birth defects after the Israeli war. Some cases where birth defects, such as incomplete hearts and malformations of the brain have started appearing due to Israel’s use of internationally banned weapons during their war against the civilians.

During August, September, and October 2008 there were 27 cases compared to 47 cases in 2009. These three months were compared with the same three months in 2009, which shows an increase in birth defects in aborted fetuses and newborns. These births came as an effect of the use of internationally banned weapons by the Israeli occupation particularly, in Jabalya, Biet Lahia, and Biet Hanoun as these areas witnessed the fiercest Israeli aggression.

In the position paper summary, Al Dammer considers the IOF use to internationally banned phosphorous shells and dozens of types of weapons that carry toxins has delayed lethal effects , which may appear in the future in the form of malignant and dangerous diseases. The health effects on Palestinians who were targeted in Gaza Strip in the winter of 2008 – 2009 still manifest day by day. There were an increase in cancer disease among children and elderly people, in addition to early abortion and registering many cases that suffer from problems in the respiratory and nervous systems, and it has also its impact on the fertility of men. That was in addition to its disastrous impact on the Palestinian environment and its entire components as air, water, and soil.

Al Dameer renews its condemnation to the Continual Israeli closure to all borders and crossings and recommends Immediate and urgent intervention to: ensure Israel’s respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights law, stop the serious deterioration in human dignity inflicted upon the Gaza Strip population, and cease the use of collective punishment policy, including the closure of border crossings.

The International Community has failed to ensure respect for international humanitarian law, as no serious measures have been taken towards pressurizing Israel to lift the siege, reopen the Gaza Strip crossings, or allow the entry of fuel, medical equipments and team to face the deteriorated health situation in Gaza.

Al Dameer calls upon The Ramallah Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Gaza Government to act on their legal and moral responsibilities to save the lives of Palestinian citizens and to protect them from current health disaster. It also calls them to examine and check all the citizens who were near to the Israeli shelling during the offensive in order to prevent them from any dangerous health consequences.

Al Dameer demands The Ramallah Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Gaza Government to work immediately to find a mechanism to treat the babies born with birth defects outside Gaza, due to the unavailability of the proper and needed treatment.

Al Dameer Calls for an immediate investigation by international health experts into the use of unidentified weapons by the IOF against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. It also Calls for establishing inquiry commissions to investigate crimes committed by IOF against Palestinian civilians, including IOF’s use of internationally prohibited weapons and prepare scientific statistics all over the Gaza Strip to monitor the number of deformed fetus cases due to the IOF use to internationally banned weapons.

Al Dameer calls upon the international community to act immediately and to exert pressure on Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinian civilians and environment in the Gaza Strip. Israel denied the entry of delegations and experts into Gaza to examine the environmental and health situation after the latest offensive. As a result, experts should be sent to Gaza to examine the environmental fallout of Israel’s use of illegal weapons in order to prevent the future generations from the unknown coming health and environmental disaster.

Experts and international researchers took samples to be tested and make sure that the occupation used internationally prohibited substances in densely populated areas. The results of these samples should be known to all in order to expose the Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Al-Dameer Calls for the prosecution of all political and military officials who are found responsible for committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians.

Al Dameer Association for Human Rights calls upon the international community to expose the Israeli war crimes in Gaza, and Calls for prosecuting all political and military officials who are found responsible for committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians, including the IOF use to internationally banned weapons in densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip.

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Why did Israel Steal Marys Gate Before Christmas?

Why did Israel Steal Marys Gate Before Christmas?

The so-called “Israel Antiquities Authority” (IAA) stole one of the Christian holy gates (Mary’s Gate) from the Church of the Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which is the most sacred Christian place in the world. The Holy Church of the Sepulchre which was looted by the “IAA” is administrated by all Christian communities in Palestine together: the Catholic, Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Syrian Orthodox, and Ethiopian churches. (Click on pictures to see them bigger).

The church is registered under the Ministry of Awqaf, of Islamic and Christians Affairs in Jordan, which officially is the only authority responsible for taking care for all Christian and Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem since 1952 and until now.

he Israeli robbery and desecration of the Sepulchre Church was carried out on December 4 2009, before the preparations for the Christmas festivities of this year. The IAA opened the Gate of Mary and removed archaeological holy stones and iron bars around the gate in the walls, which had been sealed since the time of the British mandate of Palestine, before 1948. The IAA claimed that they were cleaning the place and doing renovations.

Neither the Christian communities or the Jordanian Ministry of Holy sites in Jerusalem asked the “IAA” to do anything in the Holy Sepulchre Church, and what the Israel Antiquities Authority did in the place was a deliberate attack and the desecration of the sanctity of the holy place. The “IAA” was not cleaning or renewing the Christian holy place, as it is not their responsibility to do that. The IAA stole the holy gate and removed holy stones, and then sealed the place after the theft, in order to hide the crime.

“Israel’s measures are illegal and violate international laws, because Israel is the occupying force in the West Bank and East Jerusalem”, the official said.

Mr. Craig Dunning, a foreign researcher interested archaeology, photographed the IAA theft while they were transferring the big stones into a car. The IAA claimed that they were “cleaning Mary’s Gate” and “strengthening the ground” which was supposedly “doomed to fall”. They made some changes to a gate and removed the antique stones, transferring them together with other objects to an unknown location.

According to Osama Al-Ayasa, a Palestinian journalist who reported in Arabic about the IAA robbery, the reactions to what happened in this holy place came very late, most notable being the position of the Jordanian government, which called the Israeli ambassador in Amman, Yaakov Rosen, and handed him a formal protest note on what they described the robbery as “unilateral actions” in the Church of the Holy Resurrection (Sepulchre). The Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh presented the Israeli ambassador to Amman Yaakov Rosen with a protest letter against the construction work being done on one wall of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City.

“Israel’s measures are illegal and violate international laws, because Israel is the occupying force in the West Bank and East Jerusalem”, the official said.

According to AFP, the Jordanian government demanded that Israel halt immediately their “unilateral work”, carried out by the IAA on the outer walls of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and that they restore the situation as it was in that holy place.

Another Jordanian official said that the Israeli authorities “have removed iron bars around a gate in the walls which had been sealed since the time of the British mandate of Palestine, which ended in 1948, and opened the gate. The official, who declined to be named, said that the Israelis “claimed that they were doing renovations but nobody asked them to do anything”. “This is unprecedented and dangerous”, the official said, noting that anything to do with the Holy Sepulchre is “very sensitive.”

Osama Al-Ayasa wrote that, The Christian communities, which are supposedly involved in the management of the church, did not declare a clear position towards the crime of the IAA in the holy place. These groups always fight among each others, although normally any problem, including even formalities, give rise to disputes which usually ended in clashes with fists and sticks, and where people are wounded, like what happened on Nov. 10 2008, during a procession. (See Video)

The Catholic delegation guarding the Holy Land, under whose power the Gate of Mary is located, sent a protest to the Israeli Antiquities Authority. But the protest was shy, weak and was not announced in the media. The Roman Orthodox Patriarchate also protested because what happened was carried out without consulting them, and because of the sensitivity of the location and the seriousness of changing the status quo. The protest of the Roman Orthodox was also shy and away from the media.

No word in condemnation of the desecration of this most holy place by Israel was found anywhere in the international media, neither from the Catholic churches in Europe and everywhere else, or any other Christian congregation. One must wonder about the continuing accusations of discrimination of Christians in Muslim lands, while these people would probably not dare to say a word even if the Israel Antiquities Authority destroyed the Church itself. We must suppose that the Pope would in such a case try to appease the Jews, probably even grovelling and kissing their hands in public. In any case it is clear that no politician will say one word against the criminality of Israel, even if it is against their own supposed interests.

The most painful spectacle was what Pope Benedict XVI spoke last Monday, Dec. 21 2009, after the theft of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and three days before the celebration of Christmas, in which the Pope declare his blessing for Israel, rather than to declare allegiance to God and to condemn of the desecration of this Christian Church. Just as if the hypocrisy of Israel and his loyalty to these criminals was more important than loyalty to God, or as if the hypocrisy of Israel was part of the Christian religion, which had already gone beyond this obscurantism long time ago.

The biggest crime in this episode was the shameful position of the Palestinian National Authority, which did not show any reaction to the theft and desecration of the Church of the Resurrection, this “government”, which has failed its people with its insistence in staying in illusory power and government, all the while licking the crumbs from under the table of the jews, the financial aid from the US and the European Union. With their acceptance of this aid, we, all the Palestinians, have lost our dignity and national rights.

In the same way, the Patriarch Mar Ignatius Joseph III, the Greek Patriarch of Antioch of the Syrian Catholic community, who is visiting Palestine, tried to reduce the issue of the robbery by the Israel Antiquities Authority in his answer to a question posed by Osama Al-Ayasa about the position of the Vatican on this issue. The Patriarch essentially said that the issue is “a minor one” and that the Israel Antiquities Authority was given permission to make the repairs by a Catholic official. This official believed that since the iron gate was under the authority of the British Mandate before, it now falls under the authority of the current government, Israel.

Here are the addresses of the thieves in case you want to contact them about this.

Department Director: Dr. Gideon Avni, tel. 02-5892285/286, Gideon [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il, Deputy Department Director: Dr. Zvi Greenhut, tel. 02-5892217, zvi [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il, Dr. Yehuda Dagan, tel. 02-5892215, yehuda [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il, Dr. Zvi Greenhut, tel. 02-5892217, zvi [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il, Dr. Danny Syon, tel. 04-9911682, dsyon [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il, Dr. Ofer Marder, tel. 02-5892208, ofer [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il, Dr. Yossi Nagar, tel. 02-5892257, yossi [at] israntique [dot] org [dot] il

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Is Israel a State or An Organ Harvesting Mafia?

Is Israel a State or An Organ Harvesting Mafia?

After Israel conceded to committing the crime of theft of human organs in a program
which was aired on Israeli TV Channel 2, will the Abu Kabir butchery, the so-called “Autopsy Institute of Forensic Medicine” in Israel, be now named a strategic base for the harvesting the human beings?

How does the world look at the consequences of the organized Israeli organ theft practiced at Abu Kabir hospital? Which are the legal procedures that can be taken against the perpetrators, often IDF officers ?

Did Israel send their organ mafia to serve as IDF officers in the West Bank so that they could select and hunt Palestinian victims who had traits (and organs) corresponding to specific criteria, like the color of her skin, eyes and …?

This would help to explain many seemingly random murders by the IDF, of children, of people going about their business, people who often had no role in resistance and who were not involved in political activity of any kind.

How many innocent Palestinian were murdered by the IDF organ mafia ? Were they executed for the theft of their organs, in order to make millions of gains for the IDF?

The answers to these questions will be more objective after reading the report translated from Arabic newspapers into English. The Arabic report includes excerpts of what was mentioned in the report of Channel 2 aired on December 19 2009 in Israel.

Sunday Dec 20 2009, Tel Aviv, The Israeli television Channel 2 reported that the organs of the dead Palestinians were stolen in hospitals. The TV report stated that many corneas and bones – long bones – and the skin from the back, were extracted from the bodies of Palestinians, without the consent of their families.

Despite the denials of the doctors who work in the autopsy institute stealing organs, the Israeli television showed a tape of length of 57 minutes which was filmed in the Institute by “Judea Hiss” (Yehuda Hiss), the director of Abu Kabir Institute, who served as an official medical autopsy and judiciary in Israel. Yehuda Hiss released the video which shows how doctors were extracting the organs of the dead, and what was happening in the dark rooms of the Institute of Autopsy.

According to what was seen in the film, since the early eighties until the end of 2000, while Hiss was in charge of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, everything was happening under the authority of Hiss, and signed under his name. The organs of Palestinians and other dead people were taken and implanted in the bodies of Jewish patients.

The video showed how Dr. Hiss did not hesitate to tell to the doctors working with him to “Take from the dead very quickly! Take corneas and implant them into the patients in need”. The video also showed how Dr. Hiss was himself extracting organs from cadavers.
Hiss was heard in the video saying: “We were taking the corneas without taking out the eyes, and then we covered the place of the cornea and closed the eye. We did that as scientific research.”

According to the Law of autopsy in Israel, the extraction of organs from cadavers without the consent of the families of the dead is forbidden, but Dr. Yehuda Hiss was not taking the law into his consideration.

Hiss said in the film: “We gave these organs to the hospitals in Israel, particularly the Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. Because the doctors there were my friends, we did not take money in exchange for that, but the hospital gave us a microscope after 4 years. We also provided organs to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, who also gave us a video camera for the internal organs of the body in return for the organs which we gave to them.”

According to the Israeli television report, Abu Kabir doctors were doing that without the knowledge of the families of the deceased. According to the statement of a professor at the Institute “we were extracting the long bones of the dead, and sometimes we took parts of their heart.”

And to return to what was exposed in the TV film, the skin of the back was taken from the dead as well the cornea, as a treatment for wounded Israel soldiers.

According to Avi Itrg “We were taking the skin off the back of the deceased and this was not discovered by their families because they were not turning the body during the burial, and they did not know that we got the skin from the back of their dead relatives.”

In 1986, Israel set up the skin bank. The bank suffered from a lack of the skin, but the Abu Kabir autopsy institute provided the bank with the skin for wounded Israeli soldiers and citizens who suffered burns.”

According to the video tape, Arieh Eldad, a squatter in Kfar Adumim, who is a medical doctor specializing in plastic surgery and was the chief medical officer of the IDF from 1997-2000, and who is a member of the Knesset for the National Union, said “We had orders not to take the consent of the families while taking the organs of the dead”.

Arieh Eldad was born in Tel Aviv in 1950, His father, Israel Eldad was one of the leaders of the underground group in Lohamei Herut Yisrael or Lehi. He is a squatter in the West Bank settlement of Kfar Adumim. From 1997-2000 Eldad served as chief medical officer in the IDF with a rank of brigadier general. From 2000-2003, after leaving active military service, Eldad served as director of the plastic surgery unit at the Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hosptial in Jerusalem

The Israeli television stated that the complaints started in the nineties by members of the families whose deceased relatives organs were stolen. Dr. Hiss, who denied that the organ theft had happened, did not know before denying that the video, which he recorded while stealing the organs, would find its way to the press.

Yehuda Hiss said that the Israeli army was sending them an expert in cosmetic plastic surgery (he meant by indirect way Dr. Arieh Eldad), and they were allowing them to be interns at the Abu Kabir autopsy institute. “These doctors were grabbing the skin from the dead for transplants into the bodies of wounded soldiers.”

A father of an Israeli officers who was killed, said during the Israeli television report that he was surprised when he opened the coffin of his son, and he saw how the doctors played with the body his son: they cut his neck, and pulled his eyes, even though he warned them not to touch the body of his son.

An expert from the University of Brooklyn said: “I heard about the subject of stealing the organs, and when I checked I found that Israel removed organs from Palestinians, and implanted them into the bodies of Israeli soldiers”. She strongly condemned the theft of the Palestinians organs, and she wondered how somebody can grab the organs from the body of the enemy and implant them into the bodies of his own soldiers, without the knowledge of their families. This is immoral behavior.”

For its part, the Israeli health ministry responded to the film which the Israeli TV showed by saying: “All what happened was in accordance with the law”.

The criminal IDF spokesman refused to give a comment on the film , and he asked to change the debate on the subject.

The Israeli hospitals have commented on the issue by saying “this topic is an old one and there is no reason to talk about it now again”.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Tibi, deputy of Knesset chairman, head of Arab Bloc for change, confirmed that the Abu Kabir institute grabbed skin patches and corneas from the bodies of Palestinians for Israeli soldiers in the 1990 years, and pointed out that the second channel of Israeli television presented a report and audio recordings of the director of the Forensics Institute at Abu Kabir with the facts which had not been published in the past.

These facts confirm that organs from all the bodies which were brought to the Institute in the nineties were stolen without the consent of the family, whether they belonged to a Jew or to a Palestinian. Al-Tibi added that skin patches were taken into the skin bank of the hospital and transferred to the soldiers who were subjected to injuries or burns, and also that corneas also taken from the eyes of the deceased.

The responsible for the theft project is the former IDF officer Arieh Eldad, who is today a member of the Israeli Knesset.

British professor Nancy Schaefer Dios, who met the director of Abu Kabir 10 years ago and recorded a talk with him about these facts, said: “It is true that corneas and skin were taken from the bodies of Palestinians and Israelis, but taking the skin from the Palestinian bodies to transfer it to the enemy soldiers, this is moral decline”.

She added: “you can take skin from the Israelis to Israelis, but with the consent of the family, but how is taking organs from Palestinians for the benefit of Israeli soldiers understandable?“

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by Kawther Salam

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Israeli Soldier Chased a Kindergarten Girl

Israeli Soldier Chased a Kindergarten Girl

20 December 2009, by: Johann Funk, she is the vision of innocence, peering up into the dull eyes of a soldier towering over her. She can only be four or five years old. Black slacks with a green striped short skirt fanning out beneath her short black jacket indicate that she is a kindergarten student. She strains to hand the backpack, which is half her length, up to the soldier who orders her to stop. He systematically opens every zipper and plunges his hands into each pocket before handing the backpack back. It slumps to the ground.

The little girl carefully closes the zippers and with considerable effort slings the backpack onto her back; the young soldier, who has moved on to the next search, has already forgotten her. She stumbles as she hurries to catch up with her friends. This encounter is a significant part of her education under the Israeli occupying power, which seeks to clip her fragile wings.

I feel helpless, angry and sad all at once. What can I do? I observe, I document, I report but it is not enough, it is never enough to change significantly the severity of the occupation, let alone to end it. I rationalize that what I do is part of a larger struggle but this answer is never completely satisfying.

My angel at Qitoun Checkpoint is still dehumanized as an enemy, invisible to international geopolitics, despite my feeble efforts. All I can do is reflect, pray and enter into the suffering God must experience when he sees what is done in his name for the sake of Israeli settlers in Hebron.

Checkpoint, by: Johann Funk

thirty Palestinians
huddle behind razor wire
against an icy December storm
workers from Israel
returning for eid al adha
shivering for five long hours
soldiers in combat gear
clutching stacks of identity cards
handing them back like candy

Occupation Illuminates the Incarnation of Jesus, by: Paulette Schroeder, 20 December 2009.

It strikes me as strange that in the midst of soldiers, guns, checkpoints, detentions, humiliations, in the face of the Occupation and all its flagrant dehumanization of the Palestinians, I have come to see the Occupation’s spotlight illuminating the beauty of Jesus’ Incarnation. Call it a curious cause and effect.

The Occupation degrades, pushes the vulnerability buttons in human nature: anger, rage, intense sadness, a temptation to hopelessness, a fierce need to survive, and to protect.

The Incarnation, on the other hand, celebrates life, lifts up human nature, elevates all that is possible for human beings to be for the other: service, sacrifice for the welfare of the other, thinking well of oneself, and of one’s body with all its amazing functions including its eyes into the world.

The joyous proclamation of our Christian Incarnational faith makes all that is truly human both beautiful and profoundly holy. Jesus enjoyed his humanity and upheld the dignity of all. He experienced and preached about everyday aspects of life: the birds, the flowers, bread, wine, and sickness.

I shall be here in the West Bank for Christmas this year. The contrasts I see intensify my desire to work diligently to undo Occupation through media, through friends, through writing. The reality here pushes me to celebrate passionately, to give generous thanks for Jesus, Emmanuel. This real Incarnational faith sustains, leads all Christians to live life abundantly, to work for justice and to open the doors for those denied their humanity.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Moment of Truth With Christians In Palestine

A Moment of Truth With Christians In Palestine

Read in German, (Auf Deutsch).

The Kairos Palestine Document. A moment of truth: A word of faith, hope Worldand love from the heart of Palestinian suffering. Download the English version as PDF . Download the German version as PDF. Download the French version as PDF. Download the Arabic version as PDF.

Here is a brief of the Kairos Palestine document, which was signed on Dec. 11 1009 in Bethlehem city by a group of Palestinian Christians representing a variety of churches, and whose full text was published at World Council of Churches website.
This document was published nowhere in the western media, and there is little hope that the Catholic church, which presents itself as the defenders of all Christians in the Middle East, and other churches of Christian denomination, will take up this issue. If you are the member of a Christian church of any denomination, please disseminate this information as widely as possible. (click on the pictures to see them bigger).

1-13-07 _06_

Introduction: we, a group of Palestinian Christians, after prayer, reflection and an exchange of opinion, cry out from within the suffering in our country, under the Israeli occupation, with a cry of hope in the absence of all hope, a cry full of prayer and faith in a God ever vigilant, in God’s divine providence for all the inhabitants of this land. Inspired by the mystery of God’s love for all, the mystery of God’s divine presence in the history of all peoples and, in a particular way, in the history of our country, we proclaim our word based on our Christian faith and our sense of Palestinian belonging – a word of faith, hope and love.

1-13-07 _09_

The Reality:

1.1.1 The separation wall erected on Palestinian territory, a large part of which has been confiscated for this purpose, has turned our towns and villages into prisons, separating them from one another, making them dispersed and divided cantons. Gaza, especially after the cruel war Israel launched against it during December 2008 and January 2009, continues to live in inhuman conditions, under permanent blockade and cut off from the other Palestinian territories.

1.1.2 Israeli settlements ravage our land in the name of God and in the name of force, controlling our natural resources, including water and agricultural land, thus depriving hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and constituting an obstacle to any political solution.


1.1.3 Reality is the daily humiliation to which we are subjected at the military checkpoints, as we make our way to jobs, schools or hospitals.

1.1.4 Reality is the separation between members of the same family, making family life impossible for thousands of Palestinians, especially where one of the spouses does not have an Israeli identity card.

.1.5 Religious liberty is severely restricted; the freedom of access to the holy places is denied under the pretext of security. Jerusalem and its holy places are out of bounds for many Christians and Muslims from the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Even Jerusalemites face restrictions during the religious feasts. Some of our Arab clergy are regularly barred from entering Jerusalem.


1.1.6 Refugees are also part of our reality. Most of them are still living in camps under difficult circumstances. They have been waiting for their right of return, generation after generation. What will be their fate?

1.1.7 And the prisoners? The thousands of prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons are part of our reality. The Israelis move heaven and earth to gain the release of one prisoner, and those thousands of Palestinian prisoners, when will they have their freedom?

1.1.8 Jerusalem is the heart of our reality. It is, at the same time, symbol of peace and sign of conflict. While the separation wall divides Palestinian neighbourhoods, Jerusalem continues to be emptied of its Palestinian citizens, Christians and Muslims. Their identity cards are confiscated, which means the loss of their right to reside in Jerusalem. Their homes are demolished or expropriated. Jerusalem, city of reconciliation, has become a city of discrimination and exclusion, a source of struggle rather than peace.

1.2 Also part of this reality is the Israeli disregard of international law and international resolutions, as well as the paralysis of the Arab world and the international community in the face of this contempt. Human rights are violated and despite the various reports of local and international human rights’ organizations, the injustice continues.


1.2.1 Palestinians within the State of Israel, who have also suffered a historical injustice, although they are citizens and have the rights and obligations of citizenship, still suffer from discriminatory policies. They too are waiting to enjoy full rights and equality like all other citizens in the state.

1.3 Emigration is another element in our reality. The absence of any vision or spark of hope for peace and freedom pushes young people, both Muslim and Christian, to emigrate. Thus the land is deprived of its most important and richest resource – educated youth. The shrinking number of Christians, particularly in Palestine, is one of the dangerous consequences, both of this conflict, and of the local and international paralysis and failure to find a comprehensive solution to the problem.

Palestine Jan_ 2007 008

1.4 In the face of this reality, Israel justifies its actions as self-defence, including occupation, collective punishment and all other forms of reprisals against the Palestinians. In our opinion, this vision is a reversal of reality. Yes, there is Palestinian resistance to the occupation. However, if there were no occupation, there would be no resistance, no fear and no insecurity. This is our understanding of the situation. Therefore, we call on the Israelis to end the occupation. Then they will see a new world in which there is no fear, no threat but rather security, justice and peace.

1.5 The Palestinian response to this reality was diverse. Some responded through negotiations: that was the official position of the Palestinian Authority, but it did not advance the peace process. Some political parties followed the way of armed resistance. Israel used this as a pretext to accuse the Palestinians of being terrorists and was able to distort the real nature of the conflict, presenting it as an Israeli war against terror, rather than an Israeli occupation faced by Palestinian legal resistance aiming at ending it.

1.5.1 The tragedy worsened with the internal conflict among Palestinians themselves, ryan 023and with the separation of Gaza from the rest of the Palestinian territory. It is noteworthy that, even though the division is among Palestinians themselves, the international community bears an important responsibility for it since it refused to deal positively with the will of the Palestinian people expressed in the outcome of democratic and legal elections in 2006.
Again, we repeat and proclaim that our Christian word in the midst of all this, in the midst of our catastrophe, is a word of faith, hope and love.

Our Land has a Universal Mission
We believe that our land has a universal mission. In this universality, the meaning of the promises, of the land, of the election, of the people of God open up to include all of humanity, starting from all the peoples of this land. In light of the teachings of the Holy Bible, the promise of the land has never been a political programme, but rather the prelude to complete universal salvation. It was the initiation of the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

We also declare that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is a sin against God and humanity because it deprives the Palestinians of their basic human rights, bestowed by God. It distorts the image of God in the Israeli who has become an occupier just as it distorts this image in the Palestinian living under occupation. We declare that any theology, seemingly based on the Bible or on faith or on history, that legitimizes the occupation, is far from Christian teachings, because it calls for violence and holy war in the name of God Almighty, subordinating God to temporary human interests, and distorting the divine image in the human beings living under both political and theological injustice.

Our word to the international community is to stop the principle of “double standards” and insist on the international resolutions 1260981546550666300regarding the Palestinian problem with regard to all parties. Selective application of international law threatens to leave us vulnerable to a law of the jungle. It legitimizes the claims by certain armed groups and states that the international community only understands the logic of force. Therefore, we call for a response to what the civil and religious institutions have proposed, as mentioned earlier: the beginning of a system of economic sanctions and boycott to be applied against Israel. We repeat once again that this is not revenge but rather a serious action in order to reach a just and definitive peace that will put an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian and other Arab territories and will guarantee security and peace for all.

We pray God to inspire us all, particularly our leaders and policy-makers, to find the way of justice and equality, and to realize that it is the only way that leads to the genuine peace we are seeking.

His Beatitude Patriarch Michel Sabbah, His Grace Bishop Dr. Munib Younan, His Eminence Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Rev. Dr. Jamal Khader, Rev. Dr. Rafiq Khoury, Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek, Rev. Fadi Diab, Dr. Jiries Khoury, Ms. Cedar Duaybis, Ms. Nora Kort, Ms. Lucy Thaljieh, Mr. Nidal Abu El Zuluf, Mr. Rifat Kassis – Coordinator.

Organizations adopting the document up until 11 December 2009:
Near East Council of Churches – Gaza, YMCA, Laity Committee in the Holy Land YWCA, International Centre of Bethlehem, Department of Service to Palestine Refugees, Siraj Center, Arab Orthodox Charitable Society, Arab Orthodox Club Union-Jerusalem, Arab Orthodox Club-Beit Sahour, Arab Orthodox Club-Bethlehem, Arab Orthodox Club-Beit Jala, Orthodox Housing Society, Alternative Tourism Group, National Christian Assembly, WI’AM –The Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center, National Christian Alliance, St. Yves

Signatories: Dr. Bernard Sabella, Mr. Nader Muaddi, Dr. Elias Esaid, Mr. Nael Dahmas, Dr. Irene Hazou Mikhwel, Mr. Ousama Daher, Dr. Jad Isaac, Mr. Raed Abed Rabbo, Dr. Majed Nassar, Mr. Raed Saadeh, Dr. Muna Mushahwar, Mr. Rami Kassis, Dr. Nasri Qumsieh Mr. Rami Qreetm, Dr. Sulaiman Rabadi, Mr. Rami Zeidan, Dr. Zougby Zougby, Mr. Ramzi Zananiri, Advocate Khalil Dugbach, Mr. Richard Elias, Advocate Nabil, Mushahwar, Mr. Richard Zananiri, Advocate Raffoul Rofa, Mr. Saba Abu Eita, Mr Fadi Isaac, Mr. Salim Jaber, Mr Qustandi Dabagh, Mr. Sami Abu Daieh, Mr. Abed-Almasih Younan, Mr. Sami Alyussef, Mr. Adham Rishmawi, Mr. Sami Khoury, Mr. Anton Abu Akleh, Mr. Simon Awad, Mr. Azzam Musleh, Mr. Simon Kuba, Mr. Bassam Turjum, Mr. Subhi Mikhwel, Mr. Bassem Anchouat, Mr. Suleiman Abu Daieh, Mr. Butros Abu Shanab, Mr. Thafer Kassis, Mr. Daoud Rafat, Mr. Tony Hazboun, Mr. Dimitri Diliani, Mr. Wadi Abu Nassar, Mr. Elias Kheir, Mr. Waseem Khazmo, Mr. Elias Tams, Mr. Wassef Daher, Mr. Francis Tams, Mr. William Nazi, Mr. Gassan Daoud, Mr. Wisam Tuma, Mr. George Abu Zuluf, Mr. Yacob Dahdal, Mr. George Akroush, Mr. Yacob Kassis, Mr. George Rishmawi, Mr. Yacob Moussa, Mr. George Sahar, Ms. Alida Zumout, Mr. George Tams, Ms. Anwar Banoura, Mr. Giries Misleh, Ms. Claudette Habash, Mr. Hani Odeh, Ms. Dina Zreneh, Mr. Hanna Khoury, Ms. Fadia Musleh, Mr. Ibrahim Matar, Ms. Hania Qassasieh – Persekian, Mr. Issa Safari, Ms. Jumana Tams, Mr. Jalal Qumsieh, Ms. Mayada Tarazi, Mr. Jamil Ghraib, Ms. Mira Rizk, Mr. Jawad Misleh,Ms. Nadia Esaid, Mr. Joseph Hazboun, Ms. Nora Karmi, Mr. Khader Kokaly, Ms. Pauline Nunu Saadeh, Mr. Marwan Toubasi, Ms. Randa Makhlouf, Mr. Michel Bahnam, Ms. Randa Siniora, Mr. Michel Qreetm, Ms. Rula Daher, Mr. Musa Jarjou’I, Mr. Nabil Almufdi, Mr. Nader Abu Amsha, Ms. Sirine Dahmas, Mr. Nader Hrimat, Ms. Walae Qumsieh.

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Israeli Perpetrates War Crimes in Gaza

Israeli Perpetrates War Crimes in Gaza

On PRC Conference: Professor Norman Finkelstein, accused Israeli of perpetrating war 000_7299crimes in the Gaza strip through the ongoing siege and January war. His accusation came within an International Conference titled, “UNRWA and Future of Palestinian Refugees”, organized in London. Finkelstein started his speech by placing it in context with the one year commemoration of the siege on Gaza. The causes and effects of this siege are now coming to light, both in the Goldstone Report and in the recent arrest warrant issued by the UK for Tzipi Livni, who stated that she was “proud of everything she had done in Gaza”.

Briefly assessing the history to the siege, Finkelstein noted that the ceasefire that was agreed between Israel and Hamas June 2008 was broken by Israel, not Hamas: whilst Hamas stopped its rocket attacks, Israel did not lift its illegal blockade on Gaza and launched a night raid on Gaza, whilst the eyes of the worlds were watching 4th November 2008 US elections. 6 Hamas militants were killed, provoking Hamas to respond, which it did by resuming rocket attacks. Finkelstein emphasized that this is not violence so much as symbolic resistance.

He quoted one Palestinian who referred to the rocket attacks as “Modest home made rockets are a cry of protest to the world”. In particular, Finkelstein commented that if we are going to condemn Hamas for these rocket attacks, we must suggest how else they should resist the pressure placed on them by persistent Israeli attacks, subjugation and persistent blockades that drain the small area of land. If we cannot provide an alternative, we cannot criticize.

Discussing the siege on Gaza in detail, Finkelstein emphasized the disproportionate nature of the Israeli attacks. The ratios of death and destruction are striking: 100 Palestinians were killed to 1 Israeli; 600 Palestinian civilians were killed to 1 Israeli; and 6000 Palestinian homes were destroyed to 1 Israeli home. On this basis, the siege cannot be called a war as a minimum condition of war is that there are at least two sides firing at each other. Israeli soldiers themselves have stated that Israel used ‘insane amounts of

Israel’s claims that the extent of devastation and death was due to Hamas using human shields and purposely positioning themselves in dense civilian areas has been undermined by reports by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Dugard Committee and the Goldstone Report which have found no evidence to support this claim.

The Goldstone Report stated that the siege was a “Deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population”. As a self-confessed Zionist and a supporter of Israel, Finkelstein notes that we can only assume that Goldstone would have no interest in criticizing Israel unnecessarily. We must assume
therefore that what Goldstone has reported is an accurate reflection of abuse and apportionment of responsibility for what happened in Gaza. The Goldstone Report, which for this very reason has attracted such attention, has, for the first time, put the assessment of human rights abuses first in this conflict, rather than the attention being persistently focussed on the ‘peace process’. The truth about the ongoing human rights abuses committed by Israelis against Palestinians must be at the forefront of our minds as we move forward.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Austria: Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak

Austria: Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak

Yesterday, at almost the same time when Ehud Barak was being given military honors at

[click on pictures to see full]

Ehud Barakthe defense ministry, genocide charges against him were being presented at the office of the Austrian prosecutor, only about 15 minutes walking away.

The charges relate entirely to the Gaza massacre committed between December 2008 and January 2009 by Israeli troops under the command of Ehud Barak, and the whole allegation of crimes in the letter to the prosecutor consists of the so-called “Goldstone Report” itself, and it names as witnesses the members of the commission, judge Goldstone and his colleagues, as well as their interview partners.

At the time when these charges were being presented, the news that an arrest warrant had been issued against Tzipi Livni in the UK had not yet transcended; this only became known in the evening hours, and as of today 15 December, it appears that the Austrian authorities have not taken action against Barak. This could have different grounds. First, the situation of Livni and Barak are different: whereas Livni currently has no function in government, Barak is currently defense minister and vice-premier; First page of criminal charges, with entry stamp of the prosecutors office.secondly, Austria is still apprehended in the notion that they have a political and moral duty to ensure the security of Israel, whatever Israel does and probably at any cost to Austria, because of understandable yet irrelevant historical facts, third, England has implemented the Rome Statute of the ICC as a national law, whereas this is not the case in Austria yet. Ultimately the main reason why Austria has not taken action in this case might be the almost absence of public discourse around the crimes of Israel, a situation which will most probably evolve to the better.

At the same time, the governments who still support “negotiations” or a “two-state solution” should disabuse themselves of the notion that Israel, with its genocidal and racist to the extreme posture is in any way a partner for negotiations of any kind, be this with us Palestinians or any other party. The experience of over 60 years of occupation has shown that Israel consistently conducts all negotiations in bad faith, and that speaking with them is a fruitless endeavour. It is time for other approaches in order to solve the problems which they have caused during the last 6 or 7 decades.

I see the arrest warrant against Livni as a first step in the right direction, and would very much greet that in the future the discussion around Israel and its unrelenting criminality was less based on misguided notions of “moral duty” and much more on enacted national and international laws, which is what makes out states of law everywhere.

The complete text of the charges are here (PDF, German).

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ايهود باراك في فينا

ايهود باراك في فينا

رغم الحراسات الامنية المشددة ودون تردد او خوف وفي مقر وزارة الدفاع النمساوية وامام وزير الدفاع النمساوي وبحضور كافة وسائل الاعلام جرى النقاش ادناه بيني وبين مجرم الحرب ايهود باراك

في البداية لم يتعرف ايهود باراك على شخصي وابدى احتجاجه ازاء تجاهل منظمي المؤتمر في وزارة الدفاع النمساوية لرغبتي في طرح الاستفسار خلال المؤتمر والتي كانت قد حددت في بدايته في طرح ثلاث اسئلة فقط لكل من اورف, اسوشيتد برس, و كورير وجميع مراسليهم من الرجال

قال باراك محتجا ومخاطبا وزير الدفاع النمساوي ومنظمي المؤتمر بعد ان لاحظ اهتمامي بطرح الاستفسار: “لماذا التمييز ضد تلك السيدة التي تريد طرح سؤالها. لماذا يتم تجاوزها ولا تسمحوا لها بالحديث”؟

لم يكن يعرف باراك بان تلك المراة التي احتج على عدم منحها حق طرح السؤال هي تلك المراة الفلسطينية التي توجهت قبل يومين في مذكرة اعتقال قانونية ضده الى الى وزارة العدل النمساوية مطالبة باعتقاله خلال زيارته الى فينا

[click on picture to see full]


هكذا اسنجابت وزارة الدفاع النمساوية الى احتجاج باراك ومنحتني حق طرح الاستفسار الرابع والاخير

سيد بارك شكرا لك على الاحتجاج من اجل منحي حق الاستفسار في المؤتمر. رغم ان استفساري سيكون مزعجا بالنسبة اليك. ولكن دعوني اسال كلا من السيد بارك ووزير الدفاع النمساوي

سيد باراك انا صحفية فلسطينية؟

باراك مقاطعا بالعربية ” من وين”
من مدينة الخليل.
وجاري هو المجرم باروخ مارزيل اظنك تعرفه
في عام 1997 احتل جنودك سطح منزلي واذاقوني اصناف العذاب. فعلوا وفعلوا وفعلوا ….
في عام 2002 طردوني من مدينة الخليل
سؤالي اليك: متي ستخرج من مدينتي وكل فلسطين وتتركنا نعيش كباقي مخلوقات الله؟ الا يكفيك 42 عاما من الاحتلال؟ ماذا تريد اكثر من ذلك؟ اليس من العيب ان تبقى محتلا و يتحرش جنودك بفتياتنا؟ كفي تعني كفى اخرج من ارضنا ؟

سؤالي الى وزير الدفاع النمساوي: معالي الوزير دارابوس. النمسا هي دولة قانون تحترم فيها القوانين وحقوق الانسان والاتفاقيات والمعاهدات الدولية. فكيف تفسرلنا دعوتك ل بارك جنرال الحصار الاحتلالي لقطاع غزة والقدس والمستشفيات الطبية و ….ومجرم الحرب والتي تتناقض مع دستور النمسا وقوانينها والتزاماتها بالمعاهدات الدولية وحقوق الانسان؟ شكرا اليكم

بهذا السؤال اديرت مجموع كاميرات الصحفيين الى الخلف والتقطت العديد من الصور واستفسر الصحفيون بمجموعهم عن اسم وعنوان المراة التي طرحت السؤال

ما دار في المؤتمر الصحفي نشربالالمانية والانجليزية بكامله على الروابط ادناه
وما عرض في نشرة اخبار اورف التلزيونية كان مقطعا من اجابة باراك على سؤالي

اما اروف فاستفسر: حماس ذكرت انها ستعلن عن مفاجات في مؤتمرها. هل لديك فكرة ما هي المفاجات التي ستعلن عنها حماس في مؤتمرها وهل لها علاقة بتبادل الاسرى؟ الجواب لا اعلم

اسوشيتد برس: هل تعتقد اسرائيل بان المفاضات مع ايران قد … ما هي خطواتكم بعد ذلك ؟
كورير: ماذا تتوقعون من الاتحاد الأوروبي ان يقوم به في المحادثات المقبلة مع ايران. كيف تنظرون إلى موقف الاتحاد الاوروبي ودولة مثل النمسا في هذه الضغط على ايران في المفاوضات؟

وقائع المؤتمر منشورة بالالمانية والانجليزية على الروابط ادناه. انقر على الرابط من اجل الوصول الى الصفحة التي تريدها



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