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For as it was not possible that the man who had once for all been conquered, and who had been destroyed through disobedience, could reform himself, and obtain the prize of victory; and as it was also impossible that he could attain to salvation who had fallen under the power of sin,-the Son effected both these things, being the Word of God, descending from the Father, becoming incarnate, stooping low, even to death, and consummating the arranged plan of our salvation, upon whom [Paul], exhorting us unhesitatingly to believe, again says, "Who shall ascend into heaven? that is, to bring down Christ; or who shall descend into the deep? that is, to liberate Christ again from the dead." Then he continues, "If thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved." And he renders the reason why the Son of God did these things, saying, "For to this end Christ both lived, and died, and revived, that He might rule over the living and the dead." And again, writing to the Corinthians, he declares, "But we preach Christ Jesus crucified; "and adds, "The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? " - St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book III, Chapter XVIII, Section 2.

The Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mary and John and the women at the foot of the Cross

Matthew 27:45 Now from the sixth hour, there was darkness over all the earth, until the ninth hour.

Origen tell us this darkness was only in Palestine, and the neighbouring countries: for as to the words, over the whole earth, or over the whole land, we find one kingdom or empire, by a common way of speaking, called the whole earth, or the whole world. As to the cause of the obscuration of the sun; and secondly, as to the extent of its darkness. Origen tells us that the darkness was partial, and confined to Judea and the neighbouring countries, as the darkness of Egypt was only perceived in that country, and not in Gessen, where the children of Israel were. Saint Jerome tells us that the obscurity was caused by the rays of the sun being suddenly withdrawn by divine power, as was the case in Egypt. The darkness in Egypt during the Passover of Moses was due to God's protection withdrawn from that land at that time. The darkness when Christ was Crucified for us is the judgement of God upon His Son Jesus Christ, in our place. For Jesus Christ knew NO sin. He never sinned, nor could He ever.

The meaning of the Pasch of Christians.

The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 17, describes the devils and demons thrown back upon the Egyptians when the Israelites under Moses were brought out of Egypt by God for God’s purposes (to prepare a place for the Crucifixion of Our Lord for the Redemption of the whole world of those who are saved). In the same way the same false gods and goddesses that the Egyptians served and which in so doing were the reason the Egyptians sacrificed their sons and daughters to the devils and demons behind the false gods/goddesses were the spirits that killed the Egyptian children that perished when the Israelites were brought out of Egypt. God does not murder children, period. The angel of death which destroyed in Egypt was one of the fallen spirits. God did not cause any of the fallen spirits to hurt anyone. God allowed the fallen spirits to do what it is their nature do to when He brought the Israelites out of the gates of hell which was Egypt. The children below the age of reason that died went to be with God for eternity, they will be resurrected with the just at the Second Coming of Christ. This principle of God allowing the innocent to be afflicted along with guilty finds its ultimate fulfillment in Christ’s singular and only salvific Kenosis. Jesus Christ committed no sin, not ever nor could He, and was and is and only could be utterly and absolutely and completely innocent of any and all wrongdoing and sin by His very nature as the Holy and True God. The guiltless sacrificed by His own will for the guilty. Even when the innocent are afflicted by the actions and evils instigated by the fallen spirits in the world, the innocent are not possessed by those fallen spirits. The principle of all being afflicted by the evil set loose upon the world for its unrepentant sin will occur when the universal plagues are let loose upon the world. See Apocalypse 16

The principle of our always, for our part, protecting children is given us by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 18

1 At *that hour the disciples came to Jesus, saying: Who, thinkest thou, is the greater in the kingdom of heaven?

2 *And Jesus calling unto him a little child, set him in the midst of them,

3 And said: Amen I say unto you, *unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven.

5 And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.

10 Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, *that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.

The principle of our ONLY worshipping the True God, the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is given first in the historical truth of the Garden of Eden when Christ, who is the Tree of Life commands the first man and his wife, Adam and Eve to not have anything to do with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is Satan, the first fallen angel, nor with any of the fallen angels with Satan. Assisi of Babylon/Vatican/Rome is absolute and complete violation of that principle and is the Great Apostasy in full blown Satanic evil. Have nothing to do with the Vatican or suffer its eternal damnation in hell with it. The devil and demon worshipping pagans and the perfidious deicidal Jews are not ever any part of the Salvific action of Christ upon Golgotha/Calvary. Individual pagans and Jews if they repent of their not confessing Jesus Christ as the Immortal Son of God become flesh for our sake and sacrificed for our salvation and who confess publicly their sin of devil and demon worshipping and perfidy and deicide and who beg the Lord of all, the Lord God, the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for forgiveness of their horrid and abominable sins, can and will be forgiven if they do so now in this life and will enter into the only path of salvation there is as dictated by God Himself. The Church, all the faithful – there is no other meaning acceptable to God for the word Church, is commanded by God to not have anything to do with the Apostasy.

Book of Wisdom, Chapter 17

1 For thy judgments, O Lord, are great, and thy words cannot be expressed: therefore undisciplined souls have erred.

2 For while the wicked thought to be able to have dominion over the holy nation, they themselves being fettered with the bonds of darkness, and a long night, shut up in their houses, lay there exiled from the eternal providence.

3 And while they thought to lie hid in their obscure sins, they were scattered under a dark veil of forgetfulness, being horribly afraid and troubled with exceeding great astonishment.

4 For neither did the den that held them, keep them from fear: for noises coming down troubled them, and sad visions appearing to them, affrighted them.

5 And no power of fire could give them light, neither could the bright flames of the stars enlighten that horrible night.

6 But there appeared to them a sudden fire, very dreadful: and being struck with the fear of that face, which was not seen, they thought the things which they saw to be worse:

7 And the delusions of their magic art were put down, and their boasting of wisdom was reproachfully rebuked.

8 For they who promised to drive away fears and troubles from a sick soul, were sick themselves of a fear worthy to be laughed at.

9 For though no terrible thing disturbed them: yet being scared with the passing by of beasts, and hissing of serpents, they died for fear: and denying that they saw the air, which could by no means be avoided.

10 For whereas wickedness is fearful, it beareth witness of its condemnation: for a troubled conscience always forecasteth grievous things.

11 For fear is nothing else but a yielding up of the succours from thought.

12 And while there is less expectation from within, the greater doth it count the ignorance of that cause which bringeth the torment.

13 But they that during that night, in which nothing could be done, and which came upon them from the lowest and deepest hell, slept the same sleep.

14 Were sometimes molested with the fear of monsters, sometimes fainted away, their soul failing them: for a sudden and unlooked for fear was come upon them.

15 Moreover if any of them had fallen down, he was kept shut up in prison without irons.

16 For if any one were a husbandman, or a shepherd, or a labourer in the field, and was suddenly overtaken, he endured a necessity from which he could not fly.

17 For they were all bound together with one chain of darkness. Whether it were a whistling wind, or the melodious voice of birds, among the spreading branches of trees, or a fall of water running down with violence,

18 Or the mighty noise of stones tumbling down, or the running that could not be seen of beasts playing together, or the roaring voice of wild beasts, or a rebounding echo from the highest mountains: these things made them to swoon for fear.

19 For the whole world was enlightened with a clear light, and none were hindered in their labours.

20 But over them only was spread a heavy night, an image of that darkness which was to come upon them. But they were to themselves more grievous than the darkness.

The Catholic Creed: The Final Trial: Traditional Catholic Prayers: Baptism

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Correspondence With an Israeli Soldier

Correspondence With an Israeli Soldier

Below are two E-mails which were sent to me by an Israeli reserve soldier, who says he served in the occupied Palestinian territory until 2005. The IDF soldier justified expelling me from my homeland Palestine in 2002 by saying: “You did provocations in the country, and deported”!!

The IDF soldier did not clarify in which city, town or village he served in the occupied West Bank or in Gaza. He did not say in how many assassination operations he participated, how many Palestinians he murdered, or in how many massacres he was involved. Was he among the bloodthirsty beasts who perpetrated the Jenin and Gaza massacres? Click here to see a Video clip

Every single Israeli soldier who crosses the borders of 1967 is enforcing an illegal occupation, ethnical cleansing, and genocide. They are without exception war criminals, and we will never forget their crimes. We will do everything possible to bring them before justice. All israeli officials, officers are suspected of having been involved in actions against Palestinians which would qualify them as terrorists, criminals against humanity, war criminals, or perpetrators of genocide and other crimes within a context of the Jewish/Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people. (Click on pictures to make them bigger)

I replied to the first e-mail which the IDF soldier sent, but I did not reply to his second e-mail which is based on falsifying the Palestinian history, claiming that the rich Jews went to Palestine after they received compensation from Germany, where they bought Palestinian lands. The facts are very different. The jewish terrorist groups of the Hagana and Palmach recruited their members from among the jewish rabble which went to Palestine starting in the 1880s, but which intensified their immigration in the 1930s mostly using falsified passports. These people did not “buy” land, but instead acquired land by murdering Palestinian farmers and then occupying their land.

One of their “heroes” Alfred Chaim Miller, a mass murderer and member of the Palmach terror organization, describes his emigration to Palestine thus: “I emigrated from Vienna to Palestine in 1938, about the age of 17. As members of the Palmach, and I and my friends occupied a mountains and agricultural hills in Palestine, where we found some Palestinian farmers living, and we kicked them out”. Miller was forced to skedaddle from Austria because he had been involved in arms smuggling and subversive activity together with his father, a polish jew who had immigrated to Vienna, during the 1930s.

I commented on the statement of this soldier about their pulling out of Gaza. I said: “You never left Gaza. You just made Gaza a concentration camp, a big jail where your Apaches helicopters, airplanes never stopped the hobby of murder, and killing”. I also asked him: “Who is the donkey, the donkey himself or the person who arrested him?” This question has a tragic background, another story where the IDF soldiers symbolically arrested a donkey during the celebrations of Palm Sunday March on last 27 2010, because once the prophet, Jesus, went from Bethlehem to Jerusalem mounted on a donkey. (A full story of the donkey detention will be published soon).

Below are the e-mails from this IDF soldier. Anyone willing to answer him is welcome to do so.

The First E-mail and under it is the translation

From: nir digmi
To: kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com
Sent: Mon, April 5, 2010 3:13:19 PM
Subject: hello from israel

שלום רב,
אין לי מושג אם את קוראת עברית, אבל שווה לנסות
אם נוח לך לכתוב באנגלית אני אשמח
אני לא מבין למה יש לך כלכך הרבה שנאה כלפי הישראלים
אני לא נאיבי, ואנחנו במלחמה, ככה זה
יש מנצחים ויש מפסידים, וכמובן נעשה כל מה שביכולתנו על מנת לשרוד
ואנחנו עושים את זה טוב מאוד
את עשית פרובוקציות בארץ, ולכן גורשת, צר לי על זה, אבל אשמח לדעת מדוע את מרגישה בשנאה רבה כלפי הישראלים

ניר דגמי
בפייסבוק digmi nir

Here is the translation

I do not know if you read Hebrew, but worth a try.
If convenient for you to write in English I would love.
I do not understand why you have just so much hatred towards Israelis.
I’m not naive; we are at war, that’s it.
There are winners and losers, and of course do everything we can to survive. And we do it very well.

You did provocations in the country, and deported, I’m sorry about that, but I’d love to know why you feel great hatred toward the Israelis.

Here is my answer to Nir’s E-mail

Hello from the exile,

It very easy!! It’s just like that!!

> “You did provocations in the country, and deported, … but … why you feel great hatred toward the Israelis>

After 42 years of occupying my homeland.
After we stole your family’s house and destroyed your people’s towns and villages in Haifa, Jafa, Kastal, Deir Yassin, Qibya, Tantura, Lydda, Dawayma, Safsaf, … and after we murdered and massacred the Palestinians and expelled them to everywhere in the world in order to establish our zionist state.

After 62 years of expelling your family from their original land, which we now call Israel.
After 7 years and 9 months of expelling you, because you did your journalistic work, what we call “provocation”, against sick fucks like Baruch Marzel, Moshe Levinger, Noam Fedeman, … these American citizens who squatted in the middle of your town Hebron, after all the thefts perpetrated and assorted acts of crime perpetrated by these armed squatters in your house and city and because you wrote about the daily crimes of the IDF and the little shit and urine which the IDF mixed into your drinking water, while they were protecting our neighborhoods of armed squatters. See here a video clip.

After you lived 2806 days in exile, and after you lived 67,344,000 hour in your deportation. After we killed your peaceful dreams and hopes, your dignity as a human being, and we ended your journalistic work, after we murdered and raped your neighbors and your beloved Palestinians. See here a video clip.

After we stole Palestine and we continue occupying your homeland, cities, towns, villages, and turning the life of your people into a veritable catastrophe.
After we murdered, jailed and injured uncounted numbers of Palestinians, not all of them resistance, but children, the ill, women, and men, it does not matter, just that we are killing and murdering for any reason and no reason at all.

After we stole all sources of water, and after we poisoned and dirtied the rest with the wastewater of the squatter colonies occupied by psychopaths from around the world. See here a video clip.

> why you feel great hatred toward the Israelis

Israel is a “lovely” occupation, the longest occupation and theft which exists in the history of humanity.

> I’m not naive; we are in war, that’s it. There are winners and losers, and of course we do everything we can to survive, and we do it very well>

Yes you are naive. There is no war. You are busy in daily thefts, war crimes, and daily crimes against humanity. A war is between two armies, not between occupied civilians and a military occupier.
You are naive because you thought that by expelling me from my home you would silence my words.

Israel is nothing but a criminal and terrorist enterprise, and the IDF is not an army, but a bunch of cowardly and blood-thirsty terrorists. You know very well that that the IDF is not an army because you are one of them. To know this, just look at how you coward buggers ran away from Lebanon in 2006 when confronted with a vastly inferior militia, or how you run from children in Palestine who stand up to your criminal insanity.

Why do you hate the Germans, what have they done against you to deserve all of your hateful diatribes? After all, they have always been good to you, or not? And after all, what happened in the past was war, and as you say, there are winners and losers. Why don’t you forget those things and look forward instead of molesting the world with your whining?

I shared your Email with a friend, and he said that Israel will crumble just like the Soviet Union, but not at the hands of Palestinians or Arabs. And I think that when Israel goes under, all of you will really, really wish that you had dealt with us honorably and on equitable and just terms.

Will you post this to the Bar Ilan faculty and the IDF?

The second E-mail

From: דגמי ניר
To: K Salam
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 8:19:17 AM
Subject: Re: Hello from the exile.

יש לי כמה דברים לומר
נתחיל בתרבות: אני מכיר פלסיטינאיים, אני מכיר ערבים, בדואים, ודרוזים
את הפלסטינאים אף מדינה לא רוצה, מקלט בירדן, סירבו, אפילו המצרים לא רוצים קשר אליהם.
יכול להיות בגלל תרבות אחרת, יכול להיות בגלל דעות קדומות, אני לא יודע, אבל זו האמת
ערבים, בדואים, ודרוזים לא הגלנו, לא כבשנו, ואף הם חלק מאיתנו
דרך אגב, יש ערבים שמאפייני התרבות שלהם שונים משלנו, אבל מסתדרים איתנו יופי, יש כאלו שגם לא
דרוזים ובדואים משרתים את המדינה כמו כולם
אז איפה הבעיה? לפי דעתך אצלנו
חוסר שייכות של אדם לסביבה שלו, יוצר ריחוק, וזה בדיוק מה שקרה
מאז 48 הפלסטינאים לא יכלו לסבול את המחשבה שאנחנו פה.
צר לי שהגלו אותך, אבל בכל מקום יש את חוקי המקום וצריך לכבד אותם, גם בהתכתבות איתי, את עוסקת בליצור פרובוקציות, ואני אענה לך עליהם בשלב מאוחר יותר.
בכל מקרה, כניסה לערים, נעשתה, כאשר הייתה התנגדות, ונכנסנו לשטח. או בכסף, הגיעו לפה יהודים עשירים (לאחר שקיבלו את תשלומי גרמניה בגלל מה שעשו לנו השואה)
וקנו אדמות שטחים, מפלסטינאים.
לעשות מעשים נלוזים, כמו לפגוע באזרחים חפים מפשע, ללא סיבה, זה אסור בתכלית האיסור! כל נפש שנבראה אסור ליטול אותה לחינם, אסור.
לכן פיגועים בחברון, זה ממש לא מקובל, ואצלנו לא זוכים על זה בצל”ש ( אות הוקרה) אלא שולחים לכלא, כי זה אסור.
הייתי בצבא עד 2005, ואני עוד משרת ( במילואים) בכל מקרה, בחיים שלי לא ראיתי, ולא שמעתי על מעשים של להשתין בתוך מיכלים, אותי לימדו ככה ” אסור להיות אכזריים” ו “לפעול בנחישות ובסובלנות”
בכל שלוש השנים שלי, לא דיברו איתי על שנאה, ואני גם לא שונא אף אחד
אבל מי שירצה לפגוע בי או במשפחה שלי, כל אחד, אני ידע לטפל בו, וזה נוגע לכל הדתות.

ויש מלחמה, יש, אם הפלסטינאים מתתחמשים, אם הם יורים עלינו קסאמים למרות שיצאנו מעזה, אז יש.
וגם אם אנחנו מחזירים להם אז ישנה מלחמה.
אגב, בואי תשמעי קטע, פלסטינאי בגדה אמר לי, שהוא בכלל לא רוצה שיקשרו בינו לבין פלסטטינאים בעזה
מוזר מאוד!
וכאשר אמרת עלי שאני טירוריסט צמא דם (כי אני ההפך הגמור מזה), איבדת אותי
ואני לוקח את השיחה בנינו בערבון מוגבל.
אני לא שונא את הגרמנים
אני חושב שמה שהם עשו זה היה משהו לא אנושי, והם עד היום מתביישים במעשים שלהם
והם רצחו 6000000 איש!!!
זה טירוף
כי זה משהו שלא מצופה מבן אדם נורמאלי שיעשה
דבר זה איום ונורא, ודבר כזה לא מגייע שיעשה לאף אדם באשר הוא
ואף פעם לא נתפורר, להיפך
אנחנו מדינה חזקה, עם כלכלה חזקה, אנשים מדהימים
אם בתחילה העם שלך היה מנסה לראות את חצי הכוס המלאה, אולי הוא לא היה נראה חריג כלפינו

תזכירי לי איך נקרא החג שלכם שבו כל מי שאינו מוסלמי רצוי שיחדול מלהתקיים
אשמח לקבל ציטוט מהקוראן


I commented on the statement of this soldier about their pulling out of Gaza, and I sent him two pictures made by the IDF

“You never left Gaza. You just made Gaza a concentration camp, a big jail where your Apaches helicopters, airplanes never stopped the hobby of murder, and killing”.
“Who is the donkey, the donkey himself or the person who arrested him?” See here a video clip

From: דגמי ניר
To: K Salam
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 9:52:28 AM
Subject: Re: Hello from the exile.

“the person who arrest him”

התמונות הללו לא אומרות כלום, גם אני עשיתי צרכים בבקבוקי שתן
אבל אף פעם לא במיכלי שתיה, אני לא חיה
והחיילים בתמונה , Imais06
לא משתינים
כל אחד יכול לראות את מה שהוא רוצה לראות
ואחרי שיצאנו מעזה, נתנו לעם הזדמנות שאותה בשנית
הם לא רצו לנצל.

בתאריך 6 באפריל

It is worth mentioning that this Israeli soldier, is an employee in the Department of Economics in Bar Ilan University
First Name: Nir
Middle Name:
Last Name: Digmi
Suffix: Sr.

RePEc Short-ID: pdi209

Location: Ramat-Gan, Israel
Email: biuecon [at] mail [dot] biu [dot] ac [dot] il
Phone: +972-3-5318345
Fax: +972-3-7384034
Postal: Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar Ilan University 52900 Ramat-Gan

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